Responsive Facebook Page Wall Feed


Display Your Favorite Facebook Page Updates/Feeds Inside Your Joomla Site

This is Simple Module that allows you to display Your Facebook Page Feeds/Updates at your Joomla site. This extension does not deals with any third party widget. It works with Facebook API. You just need to create a Facebook App and use the App ID/key. You will need 4 parameters - Facebook App ID, Facebook user Access Token, Facebook page Username and your Website domain. After Creating Facebook App you can creating User access Token by Clicking here. There are three custom themes and and two different styles that you can use.

Core Features

Facebook Page Timeline

This module allows to display your Facebook Timeline Feeds

Facebook Page Events

Your Page Events can also be displayed by this extension

Photo Albums & Galleries

Feteches Your page albums and photos, you have options to control them

Likes & Comments

Likes and Comments of each post can be displayed, You have control to disable Comments

Facebook Page Videos

This extension also has a feature to display your Facebook page videos at your website

Three Different layout

There are Three Different Layouts - Timeline, Flat and Wall, It's your choice to select.

Three Different Themes

Three different themes are available, Facebook, Dark and Custom.

Customizable Styles

Custom Theme is available, If you select custom theme, then you can customize the style as you own.

Style Match With Your Template

You have control to style-match with your Joomla template by background color

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