• In the plugin Setting You will get some options for showing plugin. You can select any option for showing. (See Image - 1) Whatever source you select your settings.

  • In basic Settings you can control number of content you want to show, The box Heading, Type some skip words, Showing orders, Show directions words. (see Image - 2) Whatever source you select your settings.

  • In Related Article Flyout Box Settings Chose When the flyout appear and how was the flyout display. You can also control Transition time, Show left or right, Item to be shown, Show Image Or Not, Rounded corner radius, Flyout with type, Background color, Border color, Use gradient or not and article open in new window or not. (See Image - 3).

  • In component(com_content, com_k2, com_zoo) settings Enable your component, Select Realated Article by, Enable for category, Disable for category (Select Enable or Disable any One of them), Order article by. See Image - 4,5,6.

Image - 1

Image - 2

Image - 3

Image - 4

Image - 5

Image - 6

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