Related Article After Content


Show Related Items at Anywhere in the Content of a Page. Simple & Smart

Ever wondered how the great news websites suggest related articles, great e-commerce sites show other related products as their visitors browse any particular page and read a story? With this Plugin you can achieve just that with style.

Related articles

  • Related articles fetched by Tag matching, title matching, Joomla native tag (for joomla 3.0), native tag of K2 and Zoo

Random Post Random Post From Related Articles or Fully Random

Ascending or Descending Ascending or Descending Related Articles Picked Up from Meta-tags

Skip Words Skip Words option by title matching (like adverb etc.)

Mobile Device Compatible Mobile Device Compatible. Great Flexibility and Option to Customize

Supported Components Joomla Content (Com_Content), K2 (Com_K2), Zoo (Com_Zoo)

Box Heading You will have the Related Articles Box Heading

Word Directions Show Directions Words. For specific Categories Plugin Enable/Disable Options

Animation Effects Different types of Animation Effects are available

Custom Style Different Custom Styles are available

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