version 1.0

Show your Special Offer, Notification orMessageto The Users. Perfect to Attract Attention to Special Offer or Announcement

A plugin to display notifications, special offers or messages to the users while visiting websites. In the back end you have options to customizable positions of any page to display your notification box. you can write your message, boost up any special offer and customize the link and the button. You can choose custom styles to change the layout of the notification box in order to make compatible to you website theme. It has nice eye catchy effects for clickable button.

Product Page:-


Simplified Control

No non-sense and easy backend control

Control Time Limitation & Close button

It has the feature of time controlling. you can set time of dismissal of the notification box or user can close it using close button.

Display in Any Page

You can show in any page selecting the menu you want to display

Fully responsive

The Notification bar is fully responsive compatible in any devices

Light Weight

The plugin is very light weight and thus fast to load without compromising site speed

Customizable Styles

Styles of this plugin are fully customizable, you can change the color of text, background and buttons dynamically.

Clean Coding

Made by Joomla experts and hence clean coded

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