• At first go to the plugin basic setting, Set menu where to show. (See image - 1)
  • In Settings set Box Label, Box Label Font Size, Box Label Color, Get Image from , chose Category, Get Article From, Article Ordering, Article Open In, Default Picture, Notification Icon, Notification Icon Font Size. (See Image - 2)
  • In Styles tab you can set Notification Icon Color with Hover Color, Images Class, Title Font Size (in px), Image class (Bootstrap), Title Font Size(in px) , Title Font Color , Notification Color , Notification Color On Hover , Background Color, Border Color , Main Box Shadow , Show Category Font Size , Border Shadow , Show Latest Category , Notification Count Color , Notification Count Background Color. (See Image - 3)
  • Go to Icon Position Tab set Icon Position Left or Right, Left/Right Positions (in %), Position From Top (in %). (See Image- 4)

Image - 1

Image - 2

Image - 3

Image - 4

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