version 1.0

Most Attractive Way to show Modules at the Bottom of the Joomla Page in Flytout

Want to catch attention to your visitors with Flyout? With Module Position Flyout you can place any module and trigger at scrolling to grab visitor's attention. With our Module Position Flyout Box you can achieve just that with style.


Display onFlyout

Displays any Module or Modules in Flyout.

Custom Options

Custom Flyoutbox Background, Border & Gradient Color.

Flyout Option

Flyout When Scroll Full window/Half window/At Scroll End and Flyout style Fade in/ Fade out, Slide in/ Slide out and Slide up/Slide down

Match you Site

Full controls to match your site without modifying template.

Close Flyoutbox

Option for remember close Flyoutbox.

Great Flexibility

The Plugin Offers Great Flexibility and Option to Customize it

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