Version 2.0

Embed a Flash File Format (SWF) in a Module Position on Your Joomla site

Ever wondered how to embed a Flash format file (SWF) in a module position on your Joomla site? Our solution Flash SWF Embedder Module is exactly for that purpose. All it does is embed the SWF file within the module position of your choice.

Product Page:-


Embed SWF

Embed a Defined SWF (from URL) in Module Position. SWF can be added from External source .


It works with responsive function


You get custom aspect ratio.

File from Folder

You can select SWF file from folder with dropdown menu


Jquery integration, loads flash file after site is load

Full Customization

Custom Height and Width From module manager. Custom Border Width and Border Color. Control Left and Right Margin to Control the Horizontal Alignment

Module Position

Custom module Position to Show and Which Menu/page.

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