• In the basic Module settings, You will find "Stops Number" option. Stops Number allows you to determine how many places you want to make tour, So you can select any number there. Then you can change the other styles, like - font -Family, color, background-color etc (See image -3)

  • There is another tab called "Settings". here you can set the parameters for different locations of the webpage. The sections of your webiste you want to focus, that must have an ID(DIV ID). and use that ID into the settings tab as "First Stop ID". Suppose you need 5 places to tour of your web page, then the places must have ID, If they don't have ID, then you have to put (Div ID) by custom code, then you can use the IDs to the settings tab. The settings tab has the options to put multiple IDs for multiple sections. (See Image - 4).

Image -3

Image -4