Display Weather Forecasts of Current Time and Full Weeks of Any City / Zone You Want.

A nice module that allows you to display weather Forecasts of current time as well as Forecasts of full weeks. You can display of any zone of the World. You just need to put Area/City name and search. alternatively you can set Latitude and Longitude of any city. It will display the forecast in details. Weather conditions are available in different amazing icons. You have the full control to display different parameters as well as to customize the styles.

Live Preview:

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Core Features:

Weather Forecast of Current Time

  You can get weather forecast of the current time

Amazing Weather Conditions Icons

  There are different icons to display with different weather conditions

Weather Unite Changing

  Weather Unites are changable - Fahrenhite / Celcius

Full Week Weather Forecast

  You can display weather forecast of the full weeks .

Two Weather Sources

  AccuWeather and sources are available 

Style Match With Template

  Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size