version 3.0 for J3x & 2.4 for J2.5x


Freedom to Place AnyContentWith Flexible & CustomizableScrollpane

An innovative Joomla Extension that enables you to place a large section within your content which takes only a minimal space. Sometime you may need to place a large quote or few quotes from your customer within an article, but at the same time you dont want to take away so much attention from your original content. Or within a product page you want to show something else which are of secondary importance. This extension is idea for that.

Product Page:-


Shortcode Based

Just give the starting code{cbscrollpane}now give your content here the give the closing code as{/cbscrollpane}


Works with Responsive Design

Mobile and Tablet

Mobile and Tablet friendly and touch enabled (Choose Jquery version from plugin setting)

Supports HTML Content

This Plugin Supports HTML Content


Styling to Design Match Your Site/Theme. Scrollbar Positioning Flexibility, Customizable Background Color

Supported Components

Com_content (Content Component), Com_k2 (K2 Component)

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