Individual Page Background Changer - Joomla Module

Individual Page Background Changer

A nice module for Joomla that enables you to set individual background of individual pages of same site. This single module can let you change the background of a single page. So, if you want variations, let's say - you want 5 different backgrounds for 5 individual pages/menus of a same site, All you need to do is - After installation, make 5 copies(duplicates) of this Module in the Module Manager and Set them individually for the 5 menus/pages. Remember, A single copy of Module can be set for a single page/menu. Before saving, Publish it on any module position of your template. The output will not be visible in the module position, You will see the change(output) in the page background. Also hide the module title otherwise it will be visible in the module position you published.

Flexible Plans

Control your configuration as your demand.

You may change your settings respect of your requierments

Clean Coding

Made by Joomla experts and hence clean coded

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