Version - 2.5

Display Search Button in Fixed Vertical Position, Smart & Attractive

How to place a floating search button that will be vertically fixed on the side of your Joomla site and will return search results from site content? Your answer is our Fixed Vertical Search Button, a system plugin for Joomla that works in all Joomla versions.

Product page:-



Show Search Button in Fixed Vertical Position

Vertical Position

Custom Vertical Position for the Search Logo


It Uses Joomla’s Native Search Function to Make Query and Search Results

Custom Position

Custom Vertical Position in Percentage or Pixels


Slide in, Slide Out Animation

Custom Background

Custom Background Color for the Search Logo, Box Border & Submit Button

Character Limit

Set a Limit for Max. Character Limit for a Search Word

On Hover

Choose the ‘On Hover’ Color for the Search Logo

Style-Match with Your Site

Works in Any Module Position of Your Joomla Template

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